Collection: BATHOLITH

Boulder Country has always had some hold over me, its like I am instantly transported to another time, a time without worries, a time of just being, being present and being there. It washes over me and I feel I can finally breathe.

Whether I am in the high country of The Australian Alps or climbing the Bald Rock batholith the feeling is the same. Strange that this happens as I always thought of myself as a Saltwater girl with the same need to be cleansed by the the crashing of the waves in the vast open ocean. Contradictory as always. 

This Collection is inspired by moments of immersion in the Gibraltar Ranges National Park of NSW. The main granite outcrops are the Dandahra Creek Leucogranite which is scattered throughout this region and is part of the New England Batholith, recently dated at at 237.6 Ma

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